Empower yourself and
put your land to good use

Empower yourself and put your land to good use

Sunlight Partners is committed to putting your land to good use. If you’re a landowner with available property that meets the utility, jurisdiction and program requirements, you may qualify to enter into a partnership with us that will produce revenue to you and your family for years to come.

When you become a Sunlight landowner partner, you help to deliver clean energy to your neighbors while generating long-term rewards for yourself, your family and your community. Our projects are attractive and low profile, with minimal impact to the land – making no long-term changes to your property.


Example of Possible Lease Payment Income to Landowner

long-term revenue solar farm


  • Long-term income generation
  • Full lease payment of up to $1,000 per acre per year
  • Permits for construction
  • Increases the value of your land over time
  • Operates quietly behind secure, fenced areas
  • No daily on-site labor or management required
  • Promotes energy independence

Start Generating Income From Your Land

As a qualified landowner, you will receive annual income for land that is currently non-productive. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best use for your property that’s in line with your long-term needs. After the 15 to 20-year lease period has expired, the project can easily be removed, allowing the land to be preserved for future use or resale.

Help Empower the Country and your Future, Get Involved

By tapping into existing utility infrastructure, partnering with landowners, and relying on the most experienced engineering and construction firms in solar today, we develop projects quickly and efficiently. Sunlight Partners is on the cutting edge of today’s crucial energy requirements and will involve you in bringing the benefits of clean, low-cost energy to your community.

best solar deal for landowners

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To qualify, here is our site criteria:

  • Minimum of 20 acres of unencumbered land
  • Maximum of 200 acres of unencumbered land
  • Landowner is prepared to sign a minimum 15 year lease

Are you ready to turn your land into cash?