Industry recognized and trusted
supplier of small-scale utility solar

Industry recognized and trusted supplier of small-scale utility solar

At Sunlight Partners, we are making low-cost solar energy available today – not years from now. We do that by combining the world’s most advanced technologies, existing utility infrastructure, experienced solar design team, and well-funded project development.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver predictable and functional solar energy at lower costs for communities, companies and individuals. We want to put underutilized areas to work and focus on solar farms that are sized to less than 100 megawatts. Sunlight Partners aim is to provide the most efficient systems while utilizing the latest technology advancements to help meet our societies energy requirements and protect the environment.


low-cost solar power generated from your land

Sunlight Partners Delivers

  • Sunlight’s solar projects are quick to permit, and interconnect using non-productive land and underutilized utility power lines
  • We harness proven solar technology to generate power at the distribution and transmission end of the electrical grid so our projects can deliver higher value to both ratepayers and utilities
  • Sunlight’s power plants run without on-site staff, avoiding long-term traffic impact from other industrial development on the same land
  • Our solar energy plants are sized and designed to fit into our communities and the surrounding architecture. We work with local community members, planners and officials to provide projects communities can be proud of
  • Sunlight’s Distributed Generation systems help communities and utilities meet local power requirements which often-times avoids the need for future infrastructure investment and increased rates to the customers
  • Our projects preserve the environment while introducing new jobs and revenues for local economies
  • Best practices, strong partners and captive financing result in dependable, low-cost solar energy for our customers and communities


Our experienced solar team has an extensive track record in project design, and project development. We’ve been involved with solar development for the past decade and have contributed to over 500 mega watts of distributed solar generation in the United States. We deliver solar energy – quickly, and at lower costs than our competitors, while providing predictable, quality energy to mainstream American communities, companies and individuals.

Are you ready to turn your land into cash?